Thursday, July 14, 2011

Staying up way past my bedtime

Tonight, in celebration of Mike's birthday (and my HP obsession) we are going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter.  It means being up later than I have been up in years.  It means that I had to take a nap this afternoon.  And it means that I will probably feel the effects of the lack of sleep for two days.  But I am so super excited, I can barely stand it!

I worked in a bookstore when one of the books (Half-Blood Prince) was released, and the store hosted a huge 'after hours' party for kids.  The store stayed open past midnight to open the boxes of Harry Potter books (even the boxes had the Harry Potter logo on them, spelled with the iconic lightning bolts), and we had stations set up where kids could play different games while they waited for midnight.  Everyone was excited, and I'm sure many many kids stayed up all night to find out what happened to Harry and the rest. 

And now, well, like the tag line on the movie posters reads, it all ends.  Sigh. 

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