Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Knitting

I'm trying to create a mostly Handmade Holiday here, and have quite a few things in various stages of completion.  Of course, I have no pictures right now, and it is grey and rainy outside, so I don't think pictures will be coming this morning.  But for my own list-loving heart (and the hope that on January 1st, I will look at this list and have everything on it finished) here is a summary of what I hope to accomplish this month:
  • Snowflake Hat
  • Snowman Hat
  • Cars Hat (2)
  • Rosebud Hat
  • Fish Hat (3?)
  • Mad Bomber Hat
  • Socks for Layne
  • Stockings (2)
  • Fetching Mitts in purple
  • Gold Scarf for Mom
Now, all of these save two have been started and several only need some finishing so I don't think I am completely crazy.  Just a little crazy.  But I only have one more paper to write for class and then I will be finished with that.  I will have lots of devoted knitting time in about a week.  This looks doable.  Maybe.

And I will finish with a gratuitous Fluffy Dog Picture:

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