Sunday, May 26, 2013

In my absence

Well, I've been away from here much longer than I thought I would be.  I've composed many posts in my head but haven't had the time or energy to get them actually written.  Since I've been here last, I've finished my second semester of nursing school and started the summer session.  At this point, I am 61 days away from being eligible to take the nursing boards.  This is both exciting and terrifying.

Of course, other things have happened.

Like finishing Baktus.

I'm happy with how this eventually turned out.  I love the Noro against the navy yarn.  I had really hoped to be able to just wear it, but it turned out that it needed a pretty severe blocking.
Baktus, folded in half.  Note the "center" point is not in the center.

Baktus, folded on the the center point.  See the crazy difference in length?  Tension issues.
Baktus getting a severe stretching.
I love it.  The knitting, although boring, was great simply because it was boring.  I'm thinking of making another one.  I'm not sure if it will be a true Baktus, in the triangle shape, or simply a garter stitch scarf in two row stripes.  I'm thinking of these colors:
This picture is a bit washed out, but it gives the general idea.  I love the grey with the pink and green.  If you look close, you can also see a lovely lavender under the spring green.  But Noro.  Oh, Noro.  
Within Noro there lies a dark heart.  You see that rusty orange?  Yeah, not so much.  At least not with the grey.  I'm on the fence here.  Should I just go ahead with the grey and Noro as is?  Should I cut out the offensive color?  Or should I look for something other than the grey?  Oh the humanity!

I know this is just a quick check in, and I've got more to say, so I'm hoping to get back here tomorrow.  So until then, I will leave you with a gratuitous cute dog picture.

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  1. Karen! Congratulations on surviving the second semester. I think that your phrase "tension issues" is also an apt one for the final run up to taking nursing boards when following an accelerated program. At least that's my experience. But you're on track and I'd say definitely keep with the simple knitting. It lets your mind unwind from all the memorization!

    I love the Noro with the gray enough that were I you, I'd spit splice out the offending rust. If you do all the splicing in one go and put it on your swift as you do, then you can wind it up into a yarn cake after. Pesky business, but once it's done, it's done. And that is also a good phrase for the boards.