Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Squam.  What can I say about that hasn't been said already? 

The view from our dock.

So what hasn't been said?  My story, I suppose, of how I ended up there.  I'm not sure how exactly I heard about Squam Art Workshops.  Probably through one of the blogs I read.  When I found out about it in January, I was coming to the end of a particularly rough year.  It wasn't the worst year ever, but in the running.  Squam was my gift to me for getting through. 

I was nervous to go.  Something like this pushes me to the limits of my comfort zone.  I'm not good at small talk and I generally prefer to hang out and observe groups of people before joining in.  And really, when was the last time you slept in a twin bed in a room with someone you didn't know just hours before? 

I was so hesitant that I almost didn't go several times.  But go I did.  On the plane there I decided that I was not going to listen to that little voice in the back of my head that second guesses my every move.  The one that tells me that people won't understand my sense of humor, so not to tell the joke.  Or says to not talk, period, because why?  I gave myself over to the Squam experience.  I wanted to get out of my own way so I could really enjoy this thing that people have raved about. 

And I am glad I did.  I gave myself over to Squam, and in return it gave me so much.  I left Squam with so much more than I came with.  I left having met some wonderful people, learning some interesting skills, hearing some funny, touching, poignant stories, and feeling renewed as a creative spirit. 

I left Squam wanting to:

::  create.  Whether it is knitting or embroidery or other crafting, I feel a renewed commitment to making my world a little more beautiful by putting beauty into it.

::  connect.  Meeting seven new women and leaving with seven more friends made me realize that my soul craves connections with like-minded people.

::  share.  I want to update this site more, and be more faithful about keeping track of what I do.  Sometimes in my insular world, I forget that there are others who might be interested in who I am and what I do.

::  forgive.  Squam opened my heart and my mind.  I want to bring that openness into my whole life and move past some things.

What I didn't leave Squam with?  Many pictures.  Next time I'll have my camera out all the time.  But until then, I leave you with some of the few shots I did take.

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