Saturday, October 27, 2012

Waiting for Sandy

Saturday night, and we are at home.  Not that this is unusual, but right now we are (sort of) waiting for the hurricane Sandy-- the Frankenstorm-- to hit the shore.  We live about 25 miles from the coast and have a couple of big rivers that always swell from the storm surge.  In fact, when we were coming from the commissary on base (picking up food that we could eat if the power went out) we noticed that all the boat docks on the river on base were already under water.

However, it won't be a direct hit to our area.  What we are concerned with is the wind.  One tree knocks over a power line close to us and we could be without power for a day or so.  (I was here when Irene came through [Mike was overseas] and we were without power for five days.)  And it has been raining here literally all day.  Poor little dogs hate it.  Their muppety little paws just soak up water like sponges.

So what have I been doing to amuse myself tonight?  Knitting, watching a movie (Tequila Sunrise-- a pretty decent movie for being twenty years old, although I've now heard enough light jazz sax music to last for quite a while), and surfing the internet, where I stumbled onto a great photo-editing site to replace the now-defunct Piknick (sp?).  The site is PicMonkey and I found it thanks to Green Apples.  I love her blog.  She sews much of her own wardrobe, and her blog details her projects and the mods she makes.  She also details a lot of her daily wardrobe, which gives the reader an idea of how the patterns she chooses work in real life.  Definitely worth checking out!

Okay, so here are the photos I manipulated!
Fun, but yarn got boring so I started using photos with actual people.  Me, as a matter of fact.  I used the same picture so I could see what different effects looked like.
It is hard to tell, but there is a wash over this.  I meant the borders to pick up on the rose bushes behind me.
Love this effect, especially the fake film numbering up top!
Isn't the edging fun?  It is called "craft scissors" and they have several different types.
And one of my main squeeze!
Matching Packer jerseys.
It was quite fun to fiddle around with the pictures, but I know so little about photo editing that I'm sure some of the finer points of the site are wasted on me.  I would really like to learn more about it, so maybe you will start seeing some crazy fun pictures on here!


  1. Hi Karen.
    Thank you so much for the thoughtful card. I loved receiving real mail. It made my day. Also, what is up with your handwriting? It is gorgeous! It almost doesn't look real.
    Have fun in nursing school, study hard. Stay safe with this crazy hurricane and thanks for the link to Green Apples. Cool site!

    1. Melissa,

      I love sending "real" mail, so I'm glad you like getting it! I hope you like the soup. I wish I still had some right now. Sandy didn't do much damage here (at least to my area) by she sure brought some cold weather! I'm studying while bundled up under a blanket with a cup of hot tea.