Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Not so tiny buttons

I've been searching for the perfect buttons for my cowl (Rav link).  The lovely painted buttons that Alana used on hers are, sadly, no longer available.  Try as I might, I could not find painted buttons on Etsy large enough for the button holes on this cowl.  (Knit with a size 10 needle, these button holes are huge!  You know how standard button holes on a say, a US 6 needle kind of disappear into the fabric?  You can find them, but not always on first glance, especially after a blocking?  These are not those button holes.  The buttonholes reminded me of owl's eyes when I was blocking the first half of the cowl.)

After weeks of searching Etsy, I found some beautiful handmade wooden buttons from reclaimed wood.  They are from a shop in Michigan, The Hickory Tree.  Not only do I love supporting artists and crafters as we all try to add a little bit of beauty to our lives, but I wholeheartedly support Michigan!  I am from Michigan, although at this point I have almost lived away from there as long as I lived there. Much of my family still lives in or near Michigan.  The older I get, the more place we live, the more I appreciate being from there.

Well, these buttons were waiting for me when I got home from the library today!  Aren't they beautiful?  And I love when artists take the time to package their items in something thoughtful (and, in this case, reusable.)  And, of course, the hand signed card!  And a free sample button!  Yay!

These look so nice on the cowl.  I love the juxtaposition of the soft, smooshy wool with the hardness of the wood.
I can't wait to finally put this all together.  It sounds like we might be getting some cooler weather, too, so I might actually get to wear it!  Today it was in the 70s.  Definitely not wool-around-the-neck weather.


  1. i love your choice of buttons for that cowl. It's beautiful. Is it comfy to wear? I've refrained from cowls with buttons because I worried the bunching of buttons wouldn't be comfortable, but I love the combination you've done and I get tired of pulling my cowls up, so perhaps buttons on cowls are my future.

    1. Thank you so much! The cowl is very comfortable for the short time I've worn it so far. The buttons are actually pretty lightweight, and fabric is fairly dense so it seems to stand up well. Supposedly there is a cold front moving in this weekend, so hopefully I will get some action shots. Between study sessions...

  2. I love handmade wood buttons. These are gorgeous.