Saturday, May 19, 2012

Go, Pack, Go!

Or, How I Made My Mother 3/4 of a Mother's Day Present, and She Thought It Was Funny.

In an effort to combine several of my favorite things (thriftiness, knitting, and gifting), I decided to knit my mother a pair of socks for Mother's Day this year.  (I know, I know, I've still only got half a scarf from her Christmas gift 2009.  But she doesn't know anything about that, and since she doesn't read this, she still won't know about it, giving me six more months to not work on it, and one month to feverishly look for needles and good light to knit four feet of [rather simple] lace.)

This project was thrifty because I had this yarn, named Packer's Punch, in my stash.  I purchase it from a store on Etsy-- CraftsMeowYarnDesign --last year.  (I had to check that, since I thought I had bought it two years ago.  Not bad, not bad.  Only sitting for about fourteen months before it became what it was meant to be.)

However, as I am wont to do, I got distracted.  For no obvious reason, either.  I can't tell you what I knit instead of these socks.  Well, I finished a blanket, that is true.  But, stockinette socks?  These should have been no more than two weeks, tops, even with working on other things.  And the days before Mother's Day are suddenly upon me and I have one and a half socks.  So I did what any good knitting and good daughter does:  I sent her one sock, a promise to send another, and a picture of the second sock in progress.

I had to send a picture of the sock-in-progress together with the finished sock to prove that I wasn't suffering from SSS, and that she would, indeed, see a pair of socks before too long.  Thankfully, she thought it was truly funny.  And I have already finished the other sock and sent it along.  She will probably have it on Monday.

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