Tuesday, May 15, 2012

UFO sighting

Eight years.  That is how long this blanket took to make.  During that time I:  got married, finished my degree, moved across the country, bought a house, watched my husband leave for war twice, went overseas myself twice, started the domestic adoption process, applied to a master's program, got in a master's program, and learned to stand up paddleboard.  And made dozens of other knitted items.

So, what happened here?  Well, first, I started making this for a baby shower present.  I didn't finish it in time for the shower, and then didn't finish it in time for the baby.  At that point I was about halfway to the size it is today, and I realized that it was really too wide for a baby blanket yet not really wide enough for a regular afghan.  I wasn't really sure what to do with it.  I couldn't frog it because the yarn is (gasp!) acrylic and would be really really kinky and unusable, but it had three skeins of yarn in it, and seemed like a waste to not do something with it.  So it sat.  And sat.  I moved it to two different apartments and a house. 

Then, this past winter, my grandmother ended up in a long term care home.  A month or so ago she was moved to the "I live here now" wing.  I wanted to give her something that would brighten her day whenever she saw it.  Enter Sunshine Blanket, stage left.

Gramma is a tiny woman.  She used to sit on a cushion to drive her car, until she couldn't drive any more (which was longer than my mother or her siblings wanted to let go on, but Gramma is also Irish and feisty, so no arguing).  She is the perfect size for an afghan that is too narrow for a 'regular' person.  And, also, she is in a wheelchair now much of the time, and a narrow afghan keeps yarn from getting twisted in the wheels.  So I added two more skeins of yarn to the Not Quite an Afghan, wrapped it up, and sent it on to Gramma.

She LOVES it!  I guess procrastination really does have its perks sometimes.

Raveled here.

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