Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the games begin!

I've copied my patterns and gathered my supplies.  I've got wine in the fridge and the DVR set to action.  I am ready!

Yes, I'm "competing" in the Ravellenic Games.  I've got four projects/events I'm entering.  I think that is a bit ambitious, but one is a WIP.  More details on this tomorrow, because another of my goals during the games is to update this site every day.  Not always knitting, but trying to branch out a bit.

Right now I have 37 minutes to finish getting dinner ready and park myself in front of the television, knitting needles in hand and pause button ready (for the tricky parts of the pattern that I just can't put down) because the opening ceremonies wait for no man (or yarn)!

The knitting bag is ready! Are you?

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