Saturday, July 28, 2012

My First Event

My first entry into the Ravellenic Games is the Guernsey Wrap (Rav link) by Jared Flood.  I am making it in Shelter, in the Long Johns colorway.

Six lovely skeins
I joined Team Fibre Space because that is where I bought this yarn, over a year and half ago.  And to be quite honest, all this was last minute.  I had tried to "do" the Rav Games before, last winter Olympics (when everyone still called it the Knitting Olympics or the Ravolympics).  I didn't finish.  In fact, the piece still isn't finished, although it is further than I remembered.  I only have to weave the ends in, which is something I discovered when I went looking for it for the Rav Games' "wips wrestling" category.  (Not entering it in that, as I feel that only have to weave in the ends means that it really is kind of "done" and not really a "work in progress" anymore.  And I'm entering something else.)

But anyway, I've wanted to do this as a means to challenge myself.  I want to do some things, knit-wise, and I think this is a good way to get me out of my stockinette sock knitting rut.  There are so many nice things that I want to knit, and I keep waiting until I am a better (read: perfect) knitter.  I mean, why spend so much money on the yarn if my knitting is not good enough for the finished product?  I'll just do socks, I reason, thinking that no one looks at feet anyway.  Here's the thing:  I *am* a good knitter.  Am I the best?  No.  I'm better than some, not as good as others.  But it is a skill, I have it, and I need to take pride in that.  Or, as I've been known to say to others, not hide that light under a barrel.

Progress report:  I am on the second skein of yarn and through the first chart once.  I have six skeins of yarn because I had read that many people were needing the sixth, even though the pattern only called for five.  (Actually, I think that newer versions of the pattern call for six.)  From where I am right now, and based on how much yarn I've used so far, I think I will need that last skein.

Pictures tomorrow, due to internet issues.

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