Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Update

I wish I could say that I finished my Guernsey Wrap, or finished anything for that matter.  I am over half finished with the wrap.  Loving the yarn!   It is so light, not at all dense or heavy.  I can tell I will get a lot of use out of this when it gets cool.  If it ever gets cool.  (It has been in the 90s for weeks now, and the humidity is crazy.  It is the kind of weather that makes you wonder if it is ever going to cool down.  As a knitter, I am partial to cooler weather.  First, so I can wear the handknits.  And second, well, I was going to say "so I can knit comfortably with wool" but I'm working on a six and half foot long wrap out of wool, so I guess that doesn't hold water.  I've never been a person who only wants sunshine and summer.  I love all kinds of weather.  Its a fashion opportunity.)
Not a great picture, but shows the length.
 I also started the cowl.  I started it at work and didn't have my knitting bag with me.  I knew that I would have some time at lunch to cast on, so I just threw the yarn and needle in a bag and left.  No scissors, no cable needle, no markers.  Which is why in this picture, I have an alligator clip on the needle as a marker.
But the real reason I haven't finished anything this weekend?  Mike and I made 96 pasties to freeze for lunches.  So, even though it has been 94 degrees all weekend, and we wanted nothing more than to go paddleboarding, we had the oven on for almost five hours on both Saturday and Sunday.  But these will be so useful to us over the next few months, when we are both driving over an hour from home for school or work.  AND, they are delicious.  Maybe I do have a bit of Yooper in me, after all.
About half of the pasty haul.

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  1. Thank you for teaching me something new today. I had to look up "Yooper". HA! Can't wait to see your finished knitting projects.