Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Misstep with a Slipper

There is one less thing in my pile of unfinished objects today.  The Packers Slippers.  And really, I shouldn't have bothered finishing them because they ended up in the trash bin.  I'll let the pictures tell the story.
These are from the free pattern that is available all over the internet.  In fact, when I was first teaching myself to knit (in 1996), my boss gave me a half skein of yarn she had left from making these slippers.  She made one pair of these every year.  It was the only thing she knit, but she made a new pair every year to match her pajamas.  She found out I was trying to learn to knit and I came in one day to a half skein of green Red Heart in a zipper bag taped to my locker.

Anyway, these are knit flat with a ribbed toe.  Once one gets to the toe, the yarn is threaded through the live stitches and pulled taut.  The ribbed portion is then sewn up.  That is where the slipper above are at--sewn through the toe.
I left the slippers at this part for a few days because I couldn't quite figure out the heel.  As you can see from the above picture, the heel isn't really very heel shaped.  All the directions I could find said merely to "sew up the heel seem" but gave very little indication of how to do that.  I finally found one site (and I didn't book mark it) that said to pinch the heel into a sort of T shape, with the top of the T at the bottom, and sew the heel like that.

So I did that to one slipper.  It didn't look right.  In fact, it looked downright silly and wrong.  So I sewed the other heel by just sewing it up.  I folded that bad boy in half and whip-stitched it into submission.  And you know what?  That worked.
See how the one on the right looks all squishy, especially in the second picture?  I wish I had a picture of those on my feet, because the heel had wings.  Little bat ear flaps on the sides of my heel.  It was crazy.  I would never have worn them, and I will wear some crazy stuff if it is comfortable.  (I still have sweaters from the first time I went to college.  I'm talking mohair cardigans bought at thrift stores like something Kurt Cobain would have been proud to wear.  The fuzziness of the mohair is gone, but that makes them even more wearable in my view.)

The whip stitched heel on the left looked rather crazy before trying it on (top picture) but flattened out once it was on my foot.  However, even if I didn't completely ruin the right slipper when I tried to tink the heel, I wouldn't be able to wear them anyway.  They are cute from the top:
But from the side, they have a little something extra:
An extra inch and a half at least.

Well, at least I finished them, even if they didn't work out.  And I think I might make these again.  But just in a better yarn and with a bit more attention to the size.

And now, a few gratuitous picture of cute fluffs.  With a cute guy.
Frosty isn't our cuddliest dog.  He's almost always in the same room with us, but almost never on the sofa with us.  And if he is on the sofa, he really prefers his own cushion.  If we start petting him, he often gets down and finds a dog bed on the floor.  So when he decides to not only be on the couch, but cuddle with a Peep, it is picture-worthy.

Love those guys.  The dogs and the man.

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