Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Avoid Studying

The above picture encapsulates my day.  On the table are about fifteen nursing journal articles, the Baktus from my unfinished knits pile, and a mug of tea.  (Yes, the tea is in a Christmas mug.  I have four similar mugs and those mugs are out every day of the year.  I bought them at Michael's craft store about six or seven years ago for a buck a piece, and I have yet to find a better tea mug.  And trust me, I've looked.  These mugs are the right size-- the perfect combination of height, volume, and heft.  They hold a lot of tea, and I like that.  [Who said "I can never find a book long enough or a mug of tea big enough."?  Must look that up.]  I can drink coffee from any ol' mug [and do; our mug stash is extensive], but tea.  Tea needs--deserves--the right mug.)
I've spent the day reading about Traumatic Brain Injury for a paper I have to write.  I should have gone to the library, though, because the distractions around the house are just overwhelming.  In addition to reading, I also:

  • stared at the dust on the ceiling fan for about ten minutes, wondering if I should dust it.  I didn't.
  • spent about a half hour debating if I should go for a run.  I did.  I did about three miles, which takes me about a half hour.  This is why running takes me twice as long as other people.  It takes me just as long as the actual run to talk myself into running.  
  • took a nap.  This actually happened before the run, which gave me energy for the run.
  • knit.  Obviously.
  • made banana bread.  Cuz those black bananas ain't gonna walk themselves over to the mixer.
  • cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, and did a load of laundry.
  • and did some online shopping for groceries that I can't get locally (chia seeds.  Sometimes I truly miss living in a bigger metropolitan area.  Or somewhere with more health conscious types.)
Anyway, after spending most of the day reading about TBI, I have only one word of advice:  Wear a helmet.  Everywhere.  Even to the shower.  Man, this stuff is awful.  Wow.  Also, I really hope that I can get a clinical rotation in the Critical Care Unit so I can apply some of this/see some of this in action.  It is truly amazing what we know about the human brain and how nursing care really affects how people with TBI recover.
Whew.  What a day.  I'm exhausted and off to watch Nashville.

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  1. Oh man. The helmet thing. I worked in a Pediatric ER for a while and I wanted to put a permanent helmet on every man, woman and especially child I saw. I wondered about the feasibility of always having a mini-trailer full of helmets with me so I could throw them as passers-by as needed.

    As for your procrastination activities -- sounds excellent to me. I love laundry for study delays -- it feels so productive!