Thursday, March 7, 2013

On my nightstand, Spring Break Edition!

The nightstand hasn't changed much from last month (February books) so I'm not going to go into too much detail.  There is one new addition--Stacy London's book.  I love Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear, and I've always said that if anyone decided to nominate me for the show I would not be offended.  It seems that I will never get to fulfill my dream of having my entire wardrobe mocked and trashed on national television.  That's right, the show is over.  What Not to Wear is ending.  I had no idea they had been doing it for ten years!  At least I will still get to see Clinton on The Chew.  And Stacy, I suppose, on Pantene commercials.  (Does she still do those?)

I think I only finished two books last month.  I finished the last book in the Linger trilogy.  The trilogy is young adult, so it was kind of a quick read.  I have to say I liked the first book the best, but the series overall was pretty good.  It was a new and unique interpretation of werewolves, and although the resolution seemed rather pat I was glad that I read it.

I tried to read And Then We Came to the End.  (I'm not even linking to it.  If you want to find it, you will have to Google it on your own.  I'm tired of uniqueness masquerading as Good Literature.  Different does not necessarily mean Wonderful.  Sometimes it is just different.)  It is written in first person plural.  Different? You bet.  Creative?  Yeah, I guess.  Gimmicky and annoying?  After the first thirty pages, when the newness wears off, yes.  It is about office mates and the office politics of an ad agency hitting a rough spot and downsizing.  The entire book is "we thought" and "we did" and "we said."  It was fun at first.  (The author also had the annoying habit of sometimes referring to characters by their first name and sometimes by their last name, and I couldn't keep anyone straight.)  I've worked in an office, so I understand the office gossip, and sometimes he was really humorous.  Not laugh out loud funny, but smile openly way--partly because, and I think this is the point--a lot of that stuff has happened to anyone who has ever worked in an office with more than three people.  And then the gimmick got old.  It took me two weeks to slog though seventy pages, so I decided to be finished with it.  Two good weeks of my reading time!  Good riddance.

But now, I have to finish that paper on TBI.  Just a test and a paper and then freedom!  Or eight days of lighter course work and nothing due.  But I prefer to call it freedom.

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