Friday, March 8, 2013

Whoo Hoo! Spring Break!

I made it to Spring Break!  I cannot tell you how much I need this time off.  Having a clinical spot 104 miles from my house has really taken it out of me this semester.  Between the driving and the learning, both my mind and body are tired and ready for a rest.

I have so many plans for break, you would think it was two months long instead of a week.  This break, I hope to:

  • make sense of my UFOs
  • finish my Baktus
  • organize my craft room
  • go through The Stash
  • start a pair of fingerless mitts (Hedgerow, to be specific)
  • run at least fifteen miles (not all at one time, but spread out over the break)
  • clean out the master bedroom closet
  • finish the biscournu
  • finish a card I'm making for a friend
  • finish a cross stitch set I've been working on for a year
  • write a few letters
  • read at least two books
  • update our household budget spreadsheet
  • sew some things for a swap 
  • learn French
Okay, that last one is a joke, but looking at the length of that list, and considering that I still have to do some schoolwork, I might as well be grand.  If I'm going to leave something un-crossed-off, it might as well be something impressive.  It seems excusable to not have time to learn French on a school break.  Not cleaning the linen closet?  That hints at laziness and time wasting.

But the first thing I'm going to do?
Open this sweet little bunny and read through the instructions!  Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy has created such a delightful little softie!  I can't wait to make her.  She might have to wait until after break, but I'm really hoping to get one stitched up by Easter.

Oh, and I plan to spend some time snuggling with these little dudes, too.

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  1. Oh I bought a Maggie Rabbit kit too!

    Maybe add "relaxation" to your list of Spring Break activities?