Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Dreaded Pantry Cupboard

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This house has one of those "pantry cupboards" in the kitchen.  The cupboard is as big as a refrigerator, and has four roll-out type shelves.  I know that people love these cupboards, but I really don't.  All the hardware necessary to make the shelves roll takes up a lot of room, not to mention that the shelf is actually a shallow drawer, meaning that there is even less space for pantry items.  And it is really hard to organize!

Case in point:
Things are just thrown in, with no real rhyme or reason.  Except for the all the plasticware being on the bottom shelf.  A closer look?  Sure.  Here we go, from top to bottom.

Ugh.  What a dump!  But after a little bit of time, some rearranging of foodstuffs, and some vacuuming (I shake my fist at you, onions and potatoes!), I now know what is in here.
The plasticware has all been sorted and nested.  We are moving slowly to glass storage containers, which are kept in a different cupboard (where they won't roll around when I pull out the "shelf"), but I'm not willing to just throw away all the plastic.
This shelf probably had the most dramatic turn around.  I put most of the dried beans into wide mouth quart mason jars and found a couple of baskets for potatoes, onions, garlic, and ginger.  Hopefully the baskets mean that I won't have to drag my vacuum to the cupboard again.  I like the mason jar idea, but eventually I would like something a bit bigger.  A one pound bag of beans does not quite fit into a quart jar.  I've labelled them with masking tape since I think I will want something else eventually, but these were here and they function so much better than the pile of bags that I had going on before.
Mainly jars on one side, mainly bags of stuff on the other.  I suppose this would be the condiment/breakfast/dried fruit shelf.
And then the tea.  More than half this shelf is tea.  The mason jars on the left are the large tea bags I use for iced tea.  (I had a lot of mason jars around.)  After seeing this, I think I should probably hold off on buying tea for awhile.  Especially since there is also this in the kitchen:
Yup. More tea.  The pretty containers make it out of the cupboard.  Fourteen (!) more tea varieties.  Geez, I hope tea doesn't go bad.  Habit or vice?  At this point, I'm not sure.

Anyone else have any "healthy vices"?


  1. At first I laughed "healthy vices," but then I realized that my relationship with kale just might qualify. As soon as I have kale in the house, it's the first thing I want to eat. So, apparently, yes I do have a "healthy vice".

    1. P.S. You are very brave to count your teas. I do not dare as I think it would be shocking.

    2. I LOVE kale! I buy it by the grocery sack at the farmer's market (for less than a dollar, usually). I have a great recipe for a kale and two bean soup without sausage that I make several times a year. It is hard to find a good kale soup recipe that doesn't use meat. But I also saute it with garlic--lots of garlic-- and olive oil, or juice/blend it.

      I consider tea to be medicinal. Upset stomach? Ginger tea. Coming down with a cold? Green tea with lemon. Mid-afternoon pick me up? Mint tea. Cold hands? Cinnamon tea. The list goes on....