Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Day 17, colder weather

I am a knitter.  I like wooly things.  Which is why I am thankful for Colder Weather.  Cold(er) weather is when I can pull out my handknits.  Cold is when my hobby makes sense, especially considering that for the past nine years I have lived somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon line.  But who can resist this?

I also think that cold in the winter is just how things are supposed to be.  I get more things done in the winter, because I feel more like doing things.  Sitting inside with the fire going calls to me to be working with my hands.  Dark by dinner?  No problem, since I have a pile of things that I can do indoors.  I'm a child of the midwest, which generally means that if if is nice outside I feel like I should be outside.  Winter and cold allow me to reset myself, gather my resources, and concentrate on renewing my energy.  So bring on the cold weather, I say, because I am ready to knit.

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