Friday, November 30, 2012

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Day 27, the stand-up garage freezer

I am thankful that Mike and I had the ability to buy a freezer for our garage.  It seemed like a bit of an extravagance at first, and like something that we didn't really need.  After all, it is currently just the two of us.  Why would we need an extra fourteen feet of cubic freezer space?  Yes, it is true that we couldn't buy a frozen pizza to keep on hand for those nights when neither of us feel like making anything else.  It is also true that our drawer-style freezer basket thing is kind of the stupidest type of freezer ever invented.

But this freezer has enabled us to eat at home more, buy surplus of items when they go on sale, buy meat from the local butcher when they come to farmer's market twice a month, and make food in bulk and store it for later.  We use it to more healthy meals, because with both of us driving over an hour in different direction every day, some days we really don't feel like cooking.
A peek inside

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